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HIPP Lectures 

HIPP Lectures: Past Events


4 HIPP lectures

 Franz Liszt Music Academy Budapest

May, 2018

Early Music Introductory Course
Music Academy
Skopje, Macedonia

April, 2018

"Mitől historikus?"
4 HIPP lectures
Budapest Music Center


HIPP lecture for music teachers
Esztergom, Hungary

 October, 2016

HIPP course and lectures
Dunedin, Canterbury, New Zealand

February, 2015

HIPP lecture for music teachers
Szentendre, Hungary

February, 2015

Early Music
lectures and courses
Szeged - Szombathely

November, 2014

„Nach der
Barocken Manier”
Early Music orchestral course
Laufen am Salzach, Austria

March, 2014

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